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Option 1 – One off payment up front, £2250.00p + VAT * Option 2 – 12 monthly payments of £187.50p + VAT * 24 monthly payments of £93.75p +VAT * Option 3 – Unit by unit cost for people who want to do it at own pace etc. Cut off dates for enrolment/ payment. £225.00p + VAT * per unit. (Total of 10 units) * In addition to the cost VAT at 20%.
Please write here a brief ‘letter of motivation’ explaining why you would like to undertake the distance learning ‘Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting’. The letter should describe your personal experiences and interests related to the Diploma and an explanation about how you intend to meet. a) The timescales regarding assignments, taking into account any current personal commitments. (Please note, the Diploma may be done over one or two years) b) The technological aspects of the course requirements. IE watching videos online, submitting assignments via email, speaking to tutors via facetime or Skype. MINIMUM 200 WORDS
I hereby affirm to the best of my knowledge that the information that I have provided in this application and in the enclosures to this application is true and complete. I agree to contact in a timely manner the Head of Centre or my allocated learning support tutor, at Inspire Training Group, for the Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting, if information provided in this application changes. I also understand that Inspire Training Group or representatives acting on its behalf may contact me or those persons indicated as writers of letters of recommendation or additional contacts in order to obtain additional information. I understand that I will need to commit 400 learning hours over one or two years to the Diploma, averaging on one Unit per 5 weeks (for full time, 1 year course) or one Unit per 10 weeks (for part time, 2 year course). Additionally, I understand that my acceptance and continued access to learning resources regarding the Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting is dependent on my prompt payment of fees to Fostering Attachments Ltd t/a Inspire Training Group. I understand that failure to make payments within 14 days of the date on my schedule of payments, will result in my removal from the Diploma. I accept and acknowledge that the decision of the Directors of Fostering Attachments Ltd in regard to payment is final. I understand the fees are non-refundable whether or not I complete the Diploma. I agree that my personal data will be available to the programme partners for internal use.