Jane Mitchell


Trainer, Therapeutic Parent

Postal Address:

B3, The Priory, Long Street, Dursley, Gloucestershire. GL11 4HR.


01453 452133

About Jane

An independent trainer working primarily in the field of adoption, fostering and social care. Has been independent since January 2015, having been a trainer for Adoption UK for 10 years, as well as a tutor in Health and Social Care and Childcare in a college for 5 years. Has a first-class degree in Childcare and Education. Also spent a year managing the Family Information Service attached to a Local Authority. Strengths lie in interpersonal skills: bonding with children and working closely with their families and in promoting self-esteem, confidence and emotional literacy within any setting. Previous Manager of a Children’s Services and worked with a range of family situations including mental health issues, fostering, domestic violence and abuse, and has dealt with many behavioural and other issues including ADHD, withdrawal, inability to socialise. Has extensive knowledge of SEND and how this will be applied. Level 1 in Neuro Physiological Psychotherapy with family Futures in London, and Non- Violent Resistance Training (Peter Jakob) in Birmingham. To date has had 9 articles published, all in Adoption Today.