Problem Solving, Strategies and Solutions 


These workshops are an opportunity for anyone parenting a child who has attachment difficulties/early life trauma, to bring whatever issue is troubling them and work in a solution focused environment to find practical strategies. Typically the workshop deals with behavioural problems, (IE, stealing, lying, defiance, damage and destruction, rejection, urinating, arguing etc.) managing our own feelings, dealing with other professionals. All workshops are led by a skilled trainer with direct therapeutic parenting experience and additional qualifications.


Dates and Locations:

⭐️17/11/16 Bristol
⭐️01/12/16 Durham
⭐️08/12/16 Wrexham
⭐️18/01/17 Southampton
⭐️16/02/17 Wolverhampton
⭐️29/03/17 Cambridge
⭐️24/05/17 Oxford
⭐️14/06/17 Basildon, Essex
⭐️13/09/17 Swansea


 Tickets are £35, refreshments provided we just ask for you to bring your lunch and your problems.

Call us on: 01453 452133

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