What They Say About Us


Foster Carers, Adopters, Social Workers and other professionals that have attended our workshops have said:

"First training I've attended with real life experiences. Very informative and should be used by more professionals"

"I listened to the trainer the whole time, course was varied, interesting & fun. Sometimes I switch off at courses but I didn’t today"

"Excellent trainers, very experienced which creates belief in their presentation with excellent practical tools to enable foster carers / adopters to use immediately"

inspire training group what they say

"Fantastic to receive training from someone who really understand the parenting issues of a foster child and can give practical advice"

"Very professional – for the first time I feel I’m not alone in what I have experienced"

During the Ofsted Inspection which was graded as ‘Outstanding’, Ofsted said ……..

“(The Agency) has developed a therapeutic model of support ….. This has been closely evaluated and received very positively by social workers and child care professionals. It is excellent practice which is welcomed and highly valued by foster carers."

“LA Commissioners comment very favourably regarding the positive outcomes for children …. Stakeholders confirm that ‘the agency is extremely well respected and regarded’… (External) Manager stated, ‘Our children have made exceptional and highly unexpected progress and if all services operated like this one there would be a lot less unplanned endings’.”

“Social Worker stated – This is the best Agency I have ever worked with’.”

We aim to work with foster carers and other professionals to shift, empower and inspire.

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