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Are you looking after a child with Attachment Disorder? Feeling drained, exhausted, isolated and blamed? Or just need some new ideas? Inspire training have direct and proven experience changing the lives of children with AD and inspiring their carers. We have 5* feedback on our courses which are bite sized and accessible.

We are always creating more courses so any ideas of course that you would like is always appreciated.

Please see below the course we currently supply.


Introduction to Therapeutic Parenting - £22.50

 A course for Foster Carers and Adopters who wish to understand the difference between 'standard' parenting and 'therapeutic' parenting. This course is essential for anyone wishing to progress to other courses relating to P.A.C.E, Attachment, and Effects of Trauma. These courses are all run by Inspire Training Group, part of Fostering Attachments Ltd. You may have come across the term 'therapeutic parenting' when attending meetings as a foster carer or adopter. When we go out to deliver training to fostering and adoption agencies we are often asked by carers what the term actually means. This short course has been devised to give carers a quick overview about what therapeutic parenting actually means and why we use that term. This course is the first of many and is designed to complement of face-to-face training courses. Naturally we understand that online training is more accessible to carers with their busy lives and give them a good grounding in attachment and therapeutic parenting prior to or alongside face-to-face training.


• To look at the difference between ‘standard’ parenting and ‘therapeutic’ parenting.

• To understand why the children we care for need therapeutic parenting.

N.B - if any of the online course are brought in bulk we can offer a discount. 

To access this course please click on the below link which will direct you to the online training platform.


Therapeutic Parenting PACE in Real Life - £27

This certificated course gives an excellent overview of the Dan Hughes P.AC.E model, with practical applications, to help parents, carers and supporting professionals to apply therapeutic parenting strategies. The course also clearly explains the complex behaviours of children who have suffered developmental trauma, (attachment difficulties), and will help parents and professionals to consolidate therapeutic parenting strategies, to work more effectively together, achieving better outcomes for children.


• To share information regarding the complex behaviours of children we care for.

• To be given the tools to implement P.A.C.E. and get practical real life strategies when caring for children with AD.

• To consolidate Therapeutic Parenting strategies (used when looking after children with AD)

To access this course please click on the below link which will direct you to the online training platform.


Dealing with Lying and Stealing - £25

Strengthening Connections - This course explains why children with AD do this, how it makes you feel, and gives practical strategies to reduce the behaviour, while making you feel better and more connected. All our courses will help to 'heal their brain' and build links between cause and effect using empathy.

• To share information about why children with Attachment Disorder steal and lie.


• To look at how this makes the carer feel.

• To enable Therapeutic Parents to apply practical behaviour management strategies which build connections in the child’s brain AND between the carer and child, which reduces the behaviour

To access this course please click on the below link which will direct you to the online training platform.


Overcoming Compassion Fatigue for Carers - £25

(Previously Re-Establishing Inner Peace - Re-Connecting with your Child)

Are you struggling to connect to your child? Do you feel like you are at the end of your tether, exhausted, can't go on? If so you may be suffering from compassion fatigue (or blocked care). This is our immediate online intervention which will help you right now.


• To explore why children with attachment difficulties provoke strong responses in parents/carers.

• To assist parents/carers in recognising and managing compassion fatigue/ blocked care.

• To discover ways to rediscover empathy and reconnect with your child

To access this course please click on the below link which will direct you to the online training platform.


Recognising, Understanding and Managing Compassion Fatigue for Professionals - £27

A comprehensive certificated course for social workers, managers and other supporting professionals who wish to learn practical strategies to help carers to overcome blocked care, (compassion fatigue). The course will assist professionals to consolidate therapeutic parenting knowledge, and to work more effectively with parents and carers.


 • To enable supporting professionals to recognise their own responses to carers looking after children with attachment difficulties

 • To assist supporting professionals in recognising and managing compassion fatigue with carers and themselves.

 • To recognise and interrupt the ‘circle of blame’ thereby improving placement longevity.

To access this course please click on the below link which will direct you to the online training platform.



Healing Children through Therapeutic Parenting Seminar - Edited Live Version - £35

Why do some children need therapeutic parenting? How is it different from ‘standard’ parenting? How can we practically put therapeutic parenting strategies in place and make a REAL difference? UK leading expert Sarah Naish, and her adopted daughter Rosie Jefferies, answer all of these questions and more in a clear and compelling manner. Inspirational, moving and motivational. If you are struggling to re parent a child who has suffered early life trauma, this, recorded live Seminar, is a MUST SEE!


  • To equip Carers, Parents and professionals with the skills and knowledge to understand why we need to therapeutically parent, children who have suffered early life trauma and as a result have attachment difficulties, FASD, and other associated conditions.
  • To enable carers, parents and supporting professionals to implement and support practical therapeutic parenting behaviour management strategies, when working with children with attachment difficulties.
  • To help Carers, Parents and supporting professionals to avoid other unhelpful methods of parenting.

To access this course please click on the below link which will direct you to the online training platform.


 How to......

Do you need quick strategies fast? Don't have time for training courses? Inspire Training have the answer for you. We now have very short 5 to 10 minutes online videos on EXACTLY the area you have asked us to help you with.  NB all videos are designed to help carers of children who have suffered trauma.


#1 How to.... Deal with Arguing - £5

If you feel that every statement is argued with, or that the simplest task becomes a battleground between you and your child. This is the video for you.


#2 How to.... Deal with 'Mad' Lying - £5

Does your child look you straight in the eyes and tell you lies which you know cannot be true? Do you sometimes feel that this is driving you mad? Need strategies to quickly fix this AND help the child? This is the video for you.


#3 How to.... Deal with Nonsense Chatter - £5

 Do you have a child who talks constantly? Are they always asking questions but not listening to the answer? Do you sometimes feel like your brain will explode with the noise!? This video will give you quick strategies to help you and help the child straight away.


#4 How to.... Deal with Food Issues - £5

Is your child a slow eater? Do they reject your food and complain about it? If this behaviour is driving you mad, then you need the quick strategies and common sense in our 5 minute video series.


#5 How to.... Deal with Other Professionals - £5

Do you feel that professionals do not understand what you are dealing with every day with your child? Are you being blamed and judged? If so, you need our #5 How to... Deal with professionals, where there is blame and judgement.  Real tried and tested strategies that work.


#6 How to.... Deal with Social Media - £5

Are you struggling to mange phone and Internet use with your child? We have some quick, effective strategies to give you back control.


#7 How to.... Manage Early Days - £5

If you are expecting a child to be placed with you soon, this short video will help to smooth the early days by giving you excellent insight and top practical tips from an experienced therapeutic parent.


#8 How to.... Deal with Destruction - £5

Does your child chew holes in their clothes? Are they always breaking and damaging things? This 7 minute video, made by a therapeutic parenting expert, will give you insight and top tips to reduce or stop this behaviour.


#9 How to....Deal with Schools (Homework and Discipline) - £5

Are you having a nightmare trying to get your child to do their homework? Do you find the school has unrealistic expectations, and are failing to understand your child's attachment difficulties? If so,  our 10 minute video has the answer.  #9 How to deal with schools (Homework and discipline).

To access any of these 'How to' videos click on the below link which will direct you to the online training platform.



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